Exposed Aggregate

What is exposed aggregate?

Exposed aggregate driveways are made of concrete with stones or sand embedded in it. Hence the name 'aggregate'. Perhaps you think it sounds dull. However we expose the natural beauty of the stones or sand by the finishing process. Thus you will find it more interesting than plain concrete. Also it comes in many styles that you can customise to suit your design.

Contemporary exposed aggregate driveways

Do you remember the old 'pebblecrete' driveways? They used to be quite basic because they were just grey concrete with blackish-grey rough stones. But things have changed! We can show you how modern exposed aggregate driveways can now be artistic parts of your landscaping.

What are the benefits of exposed aggregate?

For many years people have loved exposed aggregate driveways for several reasons:


Your budget will benefit from the low cost relative to paving and other types of driveway. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of exposed aggregate.

DurabiIity & easy maintenance:

Exposed aggregate is long-lasting, hard wearing and low maintenance. It's a good option in all types of climate and weather. In addition it handles high traffic by feet and vehicles. And furthermore it discourages weeds - you'll have less work to do!

Style flexibility

Your driveway can be customised with materials, colours and patterns. We can achieve different appearances with the different materials and techniques available. You can choose the colour of the background concrete, as well as the colour, texture and type of stones. The percentage of each type of stone, and the colour of the setting, is up to you.

Here are some examples of aggregate types:

  • Soft-look river stones (rounded)
  • Shells
  • Crushed quarry stones (angular)
  • Sand
  • Luminous stones to glow in the dark (stores light in the day and releases it at night)

In addition the pebblecrete can be sprayed on with stencilling in your choice of patterns.

Thus you can create a unique driveway to match the style of your property. Whether your home or business is traditional style or bold and modern, the driveway can be made to enhance it.

Choice of purpose:

  • Slip-resistant surface for safety on sloping driveways and wet areas. In these situations, the stones can be angular for maximum grip.
  • Therefore also consider the rougher exposed aggregate not just for your driveway. Match it in the areas around fountains, swimming pools and other entertainment areas, bike tracks, steps, bridges, patios and garden paths. (Note that where human feet go, the aggregate should not be too rough or it can be uncomfortable to walk on).
  • Large commercial projects such as footpaths, estate developments, and community use areas benefit from the safety, durability and economy of exposed aggregate.
  • Renovation - the modern pebblecrete can be sprayed on top to liven up or change the texture of existing driveways and paved areas