About plain concrete driveways

A concrete driveway is the most basic, versatile and economical choice. First of all, concrete is hard wearing and can be made non-slip. Furthermore it will reduce erosion during heavy rain and prevent moisture entry to the house. You will find it's a good foundation if you decide to add something fancy later. For example you can go for coloured sealing, spray-on concrete patterns, stencilling, stamping or pave cutting (grooves to create a tiled look). See Texture Finish.

Yes you can try to do your plain concrete driveway yourself. However you might find it wiser to seek professionals. With our experience we can produce an even, strong, stable driveway made with the best materials and methods.


Plain concrete can be roughened while being laid to make a non-slip surface. We can do this with techniques such as tining. See Texture Finish.

Especially for steep slopes or wet areas it is advisable to have a rough surface. Thus pedestrians and vehicles can use the driveway safely.

Protection from water & salt

Because concrete can suffer from the elements over time, we can provide protection. Do you live in the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Central Sydney or North Shore? Especially relevant in coastal areas, your concrete is at risk of 'concrete cancer'. This means rusting of reinforcements and moving, cracking or flaking concrete. Hence we suggest waterproofing and chemical resistant coatings because they will help avoid later problems.

Expansion joints to prevent cracking

Concrete can crack in Sydney's extreme climate changes from very hot and dry to rainy. We can instal expansion joints from the get-go, with flexible mastic fill to exclude water. Your driveway can then expand and contract in sections (along the joints below ground) rather than ugly cracks appearing. This is preferable to trying to fix cracks after they appear. Due to a job done well at the start, you'll have much less work and expense long-term.

Professional Driveways

In conclusion, our Professional Driveways team are experts and we have all the required skills to cover the job. Also, we use the best concrete that meets Australian standards. So contact us today to discuss your needs.