"Where a dividing fence which is of a kind sufficient for the purposes of both the occupiers of lands separated by the dividing fences is out of repair, each occupier shall be liable to join in or contribute to the repairing of the fence in such proportions as shall be agreed upon or in default of agreement determined by the Magistrate's Court under this part".

All our quotations are subject to the following conditions. Acceptance of our quotation also involves acceptance of these conditions.


The failure of neighbours to contribute towards the cost of fencing or comply with the Fencing Act or to make any payment in accordance with the Fencing Notice served on them shall continue to be the responsibility of original client who initiated the Contract. All quotations are NET Prices for cash payment. A refundable deposit of up to 50% of the contract price may be required on acceptance of this quotation or where specialised subcontracted labour or material is necessary. Where ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd or its agents orders special items to fulfil this contract and the customer cancels the contract, the customer remains liable for the balance of the retail price of the goods over and above the deposit held if any. On payment of the balance, materials will be handed over to the customer on completion of work and receipt of invoices. Failure to comply with payment terms will void warranty and will incur a 10% surcharge. The complete fence remains the property of ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd until final payment is made.


Notwithstanding that the contractor shall at the request of the owner send fencing notices to adjoining owners, the owner shall continue to be responsible if the adjoining owners fail to comply with the Fences Act, or to make any payments in accordance with the Fencing Notice and any agreements.


The owner shall supply electricity and water at all times during construction. In the event that power and water are not supplied any extra cost incurred including generator hire, cartage, loss of time or additional labour shall be charged to the owners.


(a) This quotation for fencing is, unless shown herein, based on construction on clear unobstructed areas.
(b) Unless otherwise provided in this quotation, the owners shall clear all obstructions and provide a clear working area and access.
(c) If the owners fail to remove obstructions including electrical and telephone cables, gas, water, stormwater and sewerage pipes and any other service facility which is or may be affected by the construction and shall indemnify Jim's Fencing and its agents against any claims or demands made by any person or authority in respect of any damage.
(d) No allowance has been made for concealed obstructions such as but not limited to rock, wire, pipes, tree roots, broken posts, foundations, thick or reinforced concrete etc. which may be encountered. Any costs incurred in the removal of concealed obstructions including additional labour shall be payable by the owners.
(e) The owner shall remove or protect all plants, ornaments, pipes, etc. which may be damaged. ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd shall exercise all care but accept no responsibility.


Unless otherwise provided in this quotation the owners shall obtain any necessary permits and supply a copy of the permit and conditions to ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd.


All pegs and boundaries are to be marked by the owners who shall continue to be responsible for the position of the fence and any other claims arising there from.


All heights of fences as shown shall be nominal only and fences shall be constructed from standard production components that shall yield the closest heights under that nominated. The fence height may vary in relation to the undulation of the land along the fence line. All heights will be measured from the ground level to the top of the fence. Gaps may appear under the fence and ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd will fill in these gaps at an additional cost. Unless there be variation in writing of this quotation, all gates shall be constructed square and hang level and hinged to posts with standard hinged to clear existing ground level. Any rake purpose, contour gate will be at an additional cost to you. We make no warranty except those contained in this quotation and no warranty by us to be implied. You may make no claims against us in respect of faulty materials or workmanship unless you have first

(a) notified us in writing of each such alleged defect in materials and workmanship.
(b) provided an opportunity for us or our representative to inspect each and every such alleged defect.
(c) given written notice of all works which you claim to be necessary to rectify the work. The parties hereby agree that in the event of any dispute arising between them in performance of this agreement they shall not proceed in a court of law but shall proceed by the way of arbitration and shall be bound by the decision of the arbitrator.


Unless otherwise provided herein the fence shall be constructed with the side the posts are on being at the discretion of the erector. Fencing subject to this quotation will be installed where the existing fence line is unless the contractor is instructed otherwise and agreement to the new position is authorised by all parties approving this quote.


This quotation includes the removal of any offcuts, packaging straps, cement bags or other debris after completion unless stated herein. If any part of these Terms and Conditions are found to be contrary to any law of the State of fence erection or the Commonwealth of Australia then only that part of these Terms and Conditions shall fail and the balance of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in force.


Rock/concrete/brick holes are from $50.00 each plus GST depending on difficulty and methods required to perform.


Additional to any statutory requirements all fencing erected under this contract is guaranteed by ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd for a period of 12 months against defects in quality of workmanship. Claims must be lodged in writing within seven days of first appearing, to ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd in the first instance. ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd reserves the right to repair, replace and make good any materials and labour required to fulfill this guarantee. ProfesstionalF Pty Ltd warrants no work performed that falls outside of the scope of fencing works.